What Makes the Marshall Islands a Compelling Destination That You Would Want to Revisit?

June 29, 2018 By sneha

What Makes the Marshall Islands a Compelling Destination That You Would Want to Revisit?

The Marshall Islands encases all the fascination of fishing, diving, surfing, and more, which are enough to transform your dream into reality. You can get to enjoy a lifetime experience after visiting this place. What makes this place a compelling destination is the unending list of amazing tourist spots, which will certainly pull you to visit this place again. Book your stay at the best Marshall Islands resort to make your vacation more memorable. Here’s a deeper insight into those tourist spots at Marshall Islands.

Akele Museum

A perfect showcase of history and cultural artifacts, Akele Museum gives a deep insight into Marshall Islands. Though it is small, it leaves a remarkable impression on every visitor. It makes the visit of tourists richer than before by giving an intense look into unusual things. The traditional maps are the central point of attraction here, which were once upon a time used to navigate to desired locations. Moreover, social structures, tattoos, and pictures are all worth watching and knowledgeable too.

Arno Atoll

Amidst 133 coral atolls, Arno Atoll automatically draws the attention of the tourists with its historical significance and striking view. It can be accessed easily via public boats from Majuro. This island boasts of deep sea fishing with abundant fish variety, scuba diving, and of course swimming. This diving spot is an essential part of your trip and you just can’t miss it.

Majuro Bridge

Majuro Bridge is overlooked by people most of the times. However, this highest point of the Marshall Islands gives a chance to collect maximum memories and it’s really pleasurable to see boats over there. You can take a boat from the lagoon and make your visit more fascinating.

Culture and Art

The Marshallese have completely adapted themselves to the sea and island environment. Their culture, regular activities, and their entire life revolves around it and. As there are fewer employment options available, people are mostly indulged in making hand-woven goods, which are extremely popular there. Whenever you go, buy the souvenirs and show a small gratitude by supporting the local people.

Eneko Island

Eneko Island is the best place for the tranquility you can find here. From Majuro, it takes a boat ride of around 30 minutes to reach this place. Its pristine beaches are very popular and its clear water captures the attention of tourists. You can rent a kayak and admire this beautiful place full of colorful fishes and crystal clear water.

Cathedral of the Assumption

This peaceful place will put an end to your tiredness and worries. The exterior of this church is flamboyant and interior too catches the attention. The inviting colors of displays and all other aspects present over there are really worth the visit.

The weather may become a loophole in your plan, but if you really want to enjoy all the activities, then don’t give any importance to climatic conditions.


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